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Our Van is fully equipped and ready to go.

For your pets safety and comfort. Our Van is fitted with Proffessionally made and fitted FIXED cages with waterproof/NonSlip flooring and 2 ventilation fans, so the ultimate safety and comfort of your pets. 

All cages have rear and front emergency exits , so we are fully prepared for quick and easy access to get your pets out of the van in an emergency.

The Van also contains spare leads! First Aid Kits, Water bowls and Poop bags! Along with Training aids, toys, footballs and floats and not forgetting towels for muddy/wet paws! 

Our Vans cages are Cleaned/Disenfected Everyday it has been in use. We will NEVER leave your pet unsupervised in the van.

We are insured to carry your pets.

Our van is not sign written for descretion not to advertise you are not home when we collect your dogs also have a unmarked car for a more discreet service when doing house calls! 

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