Galavan's Pet Assistance - Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Services in St Helens
Terms and Conditions
Galavan's Pet Assistance -cares about the physical and mental wellbeing of your pets/animals and will always make their wellbeing our priority.
All pets/animals under the care and supervision of Galavan's Pet Assistance are required to be in good general health. Proof of which will be required including vaccinations and/or medication Cards/Health Records and all animals must be free from fleas, ticks, intestinal parasites and parasites.  We reserve the right to contact your vets to confirm medical information is accurate. At our discretion we may take pets that have medical needs, dependant on severity and implications on others.  **Update** From 1/1/14 all dogs in our care  MUST have a microchip, we can provide this for you if needed, but it is part of the terms in which we accept your dog. This is in Addition to an ID Tag**
In the case of an emergency, Galavan's Pet Assistance will contact you at the given emergency number(s) or allocated emergency contact as per written booking form as soon as possible to discuss the situation. If you are un-contactable and veterinary attention is required, Galavan's Pet Assistance reserves the right to prioritise the needs of your pet and will take your pet to a local veterinary practice. In the event of a life threatening situation, we will take your pet to the closest veterinary practice to our location.
Owners are responsible for the payment of any veterinary fees incurred.
Dogs must be sociable with other dogs, adults and children. If your dog is not able to be walked with other dogs, or you requires individual attention then your dog can be walked on it’s own through our one to one service. See price page for further information.
As the pet owner, you must disclose any behaviour or health problems which may make the dog unsuitable for walking/holiday care, including, antisocial behaviour or aggression during the initial consultation. If your pet becomes aggressive at anytime and injures another animal you will be responsible for any third party vet bills/expenses. We do have the right at this point to share your contact details with the third party.
Failure on the part of you/the owner to disclose any matter which might render the dog unsuitable for dog walking/holiday care will be deemed a fundamental breach of our agreement.  
Galavan's Pet Assistance will not handle any dangerous dogs.
If your dog becomes aggressive or attacks a person or animal you will be expected to collect them immediately, or your designated emergency contact person, your dog maybe caged or crated if it becomes a danger to itself or others . If this is not possible in a holiday care situation, we have the right to transfer your dog to a Kennels at your cost ( this would be a last resort).  Any contract between us and you would be terminated and we would not enter into any future agreement with you.
When dogs are under the care of Galavan's Pet Assistance a suitable collar and lead must be provided. ( If necessary a harness may be requested).  All dogs should also have an identity tag. We will also provide our own tags for dogs boarding with us.
All dogs will remain on a lead unless I am confident that the dog will do a recall and a prior agreement has been reached and written or verbal permission has been received. We will work with your dog on a longline if needed.
No more than 6 dogs will be walked together by one handler on a group walk. 
Walks will last for 1 hour starting from the beginning of the walk location and does not include travel time. I reserve the right to alter the walking time should I deem necessary and in the best interests of the safety of your dog (e.g. weather conditions, injury, age of dog etc.)
If  Galavan's Pet Assistance are unable to gain access to your pet on scheduled days,  it will be chargeable. You must give at least 48 hours if you do not require your dog to be walked or attend daycare on the scheduled day or it will still be chargeable.  Any pet minding booking is subject to a 50% non refundable deposit irrespective of any notice period. No Booking is confirmed until the deposit is paid in full. Any holiday care cancelled at short notice ie less than 14 days will be payable in full. ( our VIP dogs Daycare/walks are not required to pay deposits but are subject to cancellation terms. Any VIP who cancels a boarding booking that has been reserved for longer than 1 week will loose their no deposit privilege for further bookings).
All keys and personal information on the owners and pets will be kept in a secure place, with keys being locked separately in a safety box. Unfortunately, we do not offer shared access visits , ie if someone else is also looking after your home  or pets other than those who reside there, so we can guarantee optimum service and security. 
No information regarding the client or animal will be released to anyone out side of Galavan's Pet Assistance or any 3rd party companies with the exception of insurance ,veterinary practices and Local Authority if and when required.
Galavans Pet Assistance respects the privacy and safety of all it’s clients and their pets, on house calls we will be discreet to ensure the absence of the owner is not apparent.
Before any service commences, there will be an initial consultation meeting. A client personal details form for your pet  will be created and kept by Galavan's Pet Assistance. A disclaimer signature will be required from the client before a service will commence. We do not accept dogs who have excessive barking or any nuisance behaviours for home boarding, as we are in a residential area we will always consider any nuisance to our neighbours.  If at any point during boarding your dog becomes a nuisance to other dogs or neighbourhood they will be required to be collected. We NO longer board dogs under 1 years of age, unless they have been to us regular on walks or daycare.  All Dogs over 1 years must be neutered. 
Fees are stated and agreed on during your initial consultation with a Galavan's Pet Assistance Manager.
ALL Payments for services are to be made in advance by arrangement either in cash or bank transfer, if you would like to pay by cheque this must be cleared before the service starts. Cheques are to be made payable to Galavan's Pet Assistance. Any returned/late cheques or payments will incur a charge of £10 to cover bank costs and paperwork.
All pet sitting bookings are subject to a minimum of 50% non refundable deposit payable on booking to secure your place, if your booking was made last minute and no deposit taken you will be liable for 50% cancellation fee if your booking is cancelled with less than 2 weeks notice. If your booking is subject to change ie date we will endeavour to accommodate wherever possible, the rescheduled dates must be within 30 days, there will be a £10 administration charge payable at the time of change. If you cancel a service at short notice ( ie less than 48 hours!) then all monies paid will not be refunded as it isn't sufficient time to utilise slot for other work. Payments for walks are to be paid on the day of the walk or can be paid in advance.
All food, supplements and medication needs are to be provided by you/the owner, for the duration of all services including home boarding, cat sitting and let out services, as well as own bedding where necessary. If you do not supply enough food/bedding etc and we need to provide this it will be charged to you at cost on your return.  Depending on the medical needs there may be an additional charge if your pet requires special attention, ie special dietary requirements, administering of medication, extra cleaning required due to incontinence or lack of toilet training.
Home boarding dogs will be required to attend an overnight or day trial stay, at cost, before a longer stay can commence. If there as been a long period in which your dog last boarded, we may require them to have an additional assessment.
Bitches in season will not be accepted for walking or boarding but will be accepted for house visits.  If an owner does not disclose their bitch is in season there will be a charge of £50 for extra work involved and the bitch will be isolated (crated) and required to be collected immediately or transferred to kennels. we cannot be responsible for any bitch in season mating in our care, although we will do everything within our power to keep her safe until she is collected. 
**UPDATED 4th JUNE 2017 
From 2017 we will NO longer take on any NEW dog that is NOT Nuetured. 
Any one other than the owner collecting a dog, will now need to check the dogs health before we transfer the dog over and sign a form to say the dog is in good health and free from injury or inform us of any concerns at the time of collection.

Galavan's Pet Assistance reserves the right to amend or change any of the enclosed terms and conditions at any time.
Galavan's Pet Assistance abide by Licencing guidelines for Dog Boarding and are fully insured and hold a current police check. A copy of which can be provided upon request. We also hold current First Aid certificates. Pet Business Dimploma, all can be inspected.
Galavan's Pet Assistance reserves the right to terminate/decline any booking without notice in writing or verbal communication if we are not happy with any part of the arrangement.
All services are charged as per description if a client requires services in excess of this agreement they will incur an additional  charge as per price table.

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