Galavan's Pet Assistance - Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Services in St Helens

Existing clients

If you are already on our books and previously filled in a booking form, we need to collect your information again if you are going to be using our services again this year. We will need to collect these each year to ensure we hold the most up to date information for you and your pets.

Please fill in the form with all your up to date details. If your details change at any time throughout the year, we need to be updated as soon as possible. All information will only be used for the purpose it is intended.

Thank you

client information and consent form
Owners Name(s)
Owners current address
Mobile Telephone Numbers & email address
emergency contact(s) name and telephone number
Pet 1 Details- include: Name, Age, Breed , Microchip number, health issues
Pet 2 Details
Pet 3 Details
Pet 4 Details
Vets details, practice name , address, telephone
Nutritional information. ( pets current diet)
Dogs Vaccination details, date and description or Titre Testing Result. We will need to see these.
Please Tick which services you require:
I require dog services
I require cat services
I require caged animal care
consent, please tick all that apply, this is to confirm your consent
To adminster first aid to your pet
To enter your home and be a key holder
To walk your dog in a group with other dogs
To walk your dog at different locations
To let your dog off lead
To take your pets the vets (emergency)
To mix your dogs with other dogs
To transport your dog securely
Please confirm the following
My pet is free from disease and parasites
My Pet is not aggressive to humans and other pets
My pets is up to date with vaccinations
My pet has a current Titre test to prove immunity
I will form you of any illness or behaviour change
my dogs have an up to date tag
Please confirm you understand our terms and conditions
Additional Information. use this to tell us anything else.